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Setting just any goal isn't enough. 

It's about setting you up with your real goals, not those back up goals you've been using for years.  I'm talking about the type of goals that hit you in the heart.  

This is your TIME to CLAIM a new normal. 

By committing to yourself for the next 5 days, you'll start to shift out of low vibrational gear and into the high vibe daily rituals, routines and habits that High End Performers & Achievers have already established. 

It's your time to create a new pathway for your self.  One guided with the tools to teach you how to implement your big ideas and dreams on a practical level.

So... why does goal-setting and changing our habits feel sooo freakin' hard?

You plan to get your butt up early to workout... but then when the alarm goes off time in the morning you hit the snooze button?

You set some pretty massive goals because you really wanna reach new heights in your business... but at the end of the week have you done anything to move your self  forward? 

You want to quit drinking so much alcohol, but can't resist during an outing, event or "business meeting".

Instead of making any progress, you feel stuck 'AF' and exhausted of feeling like you failed... again.

You start wondering if that success story you keep hearing and praying about will ever happen to you?

You're on the breaking point of saying F**K IT. 

It's not just you... it happens to 99% of my clients - until they learn these tools you're about to learn in this course....

I want you to understand, when you set a goal and you give up on it, you start to tear down any confidence you might have built within your self.

The damage with this is that it creates a loss of self-trust, insecurities, and low self-esteem.

AND because of that, people stop setting goals altogether (spoiler alert: this used to be me) because they don’t believe they can accomplish the goals they’ve set.

This is an invitation to break the 'Stuck AF' cycle and level up.

Here's your WILL SMITH SMACK IN THE FACE Reality Check...

Just because you've made a few (or a lot of) bad decisions in the past shouldn't mean that you penalize yourself TODAY from getting those things that you REALLY do want.

The TRUTH is, you'll never be happy and you'll never be satisfied with your self until you REACH & ACHIEVE Your REAL GOALS.

(not the "backup" aka settlement goals, you somewhere convinced yourself into believing after the 99th fail).

What if you could reWRITE your story?

Imagine if you broke free from all the failed attempts of the past, and got on track with achieving what you KNOW belongs to you?

Imagine living your life on purpose, committing to your goals with conviction AND enjoying the process along the way.

Imagine having all the right tools and belief systems in place to support you when facing the most challenging obstacles and life events that eventually come up.

Imagine consistently feeling inspired, focused and clear on moving towards goals that leave you feeling fulfilled, accomplished and profitable.

Imagine prioritizing yourself... guilt-free!

The good news? It might seem like a distant dream now, but it doesn't mean it's not possible.

I know. Because I DID IT.

My past life story? Wasn't always what I've built for myself today.

I came from a space of addiction, suicidal
thoughts and heavy anxiety/ depression. I was 60lbs overweight,
extremely insecure and I had no support systems in place. 

BUT I realized if I wanted to create an EXTRA Ordinary Life I first had to create an EXTRA ORDINARY SELF.

I had to find the greatness within me in order to extend that greatness into everything else that I chose to do in this lifetime.

17 years later... 

I am the creator of the Ultimate Achievers Academy,

I am an Author,

I am a Speaker and 

I am an Executive Coach for High-End Achievers. 

I teach those who want to Operate at their Peak Performance how to become Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Healthy & Strong 'AF' so they can Look, Feel and Show Up in their Biz and Life as their Best Self.

GREAT NEWS... I've developed programs that will support you and hold you to higher standards towards becoming the High-End Achiever you know you're meant to be. 

Check this out!!!

Joey Vigil

Prior to (the goal setting workshop) I feel like I would always try to win month’s at a time. I’ve now learned that it’s best to win each day with small victories such as morning and night routines which leads to huge victory’s. The power behind setting intrinsic goals is it has really helped me become very aware of myself... I have learned to tell myself and be aware that everything I do is a choice. 

Janet Barber

For years, I struggled with my weight.

Since working with Tanya... I've been able to maintain a healthy weight and feel good about myself and the decisions I’ve make. I no longer have a negative relationship with food and alcohol.

I knew WHAT to do to lose weight, (but) Tanya really helped me discover WHY I was constantly falling back on my old destructive behaviors. 

The work that Tanya and I have done together have also affected other areas in my life. My relationship with my husband is better than ever! My relationship with exercise has changed dramatically (for the better).

Scarlette Sander

Before starting this workshop with Tanya, I was experiencing quite a few struggles mentally such as emotions of sadness, short tempered, confusion, overwhelmed, etc. After starting it, it has helped me tremendously by keeping me accountable and more self aware. Learning and really getting to the root of how I want to be and where I want to be has made me focus so much more on the positive instead of the negativity.


Your kickstart guide and first step to begin performing at top levels... ASAP. 

In 5 days, you'll learn the shortcuts to creating the habits that will help you achieve those big #soulgoals.


Day 1

Claim Your Habit(s).

Learn the BEST shortcut to ditching old habits that hold you down and creating new ones that elevate you.

Day 2

3 Steps to Break & Reframe ANY Bad Habit.  Learn a proven results based Three Step System towards creating a new habit that work for you vs. against you.



Day 3

Creating an Accountability Calendar!

Learn one of my greatest tools for self- accountability! How to hold and KEEP yourself Accountable Daily.

Day 4

 Triggers- Set Backs & Habit Relapses... they happen... day 4 is all about teaching you how quickly to get back on your feet when you revert back to your old ways and the powerful action steps to get you moving forward ASAP!

Day 5

Commitment, Rewards & Positive Reinforcement.

The Follow thru AND how to leverage off of motivation (even when it's not there).

Plus 3 MUST-HAVE Bonuses

To give you an extra boost as you get started!

  • 10 Steps to Reclaim Control Over Your Willpower
  • The #1 Obstacle that gets in the way of ESTABLISHING HABITS THAT STICK
  • 6 steps of the F*IT Mindset

The 5 Day Habit Starter is full of actionable tools, tips, and techniques so you can see real change starting with TODAY.  PLUS you'll get instant access to all the course material and bonuses. 

Naya Rappaport

Tanya is intuitive, motivating and as sweet as sugarcane. You tell her your goals and she'll make sure you’re on the right track towards achieving what YOU said you wanted.

I am so grateful to have had the experience to work with her. She brings the best out of you and her energy is contagious. All of what she stands for is personable, reliable and trustworthy.


Terry Berman

Tanya helped me make the connection between being mindful and being successful with the physical changes I wanted. 

 Tanya has provided me with support, insight, tools and strategies to help me to access inner wisdom and outer strength. She helped me recognize what was holding me back and how to move beyond it.


The Cucci Family

Tanya has the unique ability to motivate, inspire and hold you accountable. Tanya has worked with my wife Marissa over the past year... seeing the results, and most importantly, the attitude of my wife change, motivated me to seek out Tanya's guidance. 

She is a genuine, hard-working, positive influence on everyone she meets. Not to mention she is a kick a$$ coach!


Heck YES!!! I'm joining for ONLY $47!

Gabrielle Firrello

In just the first month of working with her I watched my life completely turn around. She gave me all the tools and resources I needed, I put them into action, and the breakthroughs i’ve already had in such a short amount of time have been incredible.

Chris Munguia

Before joining Tanya’s goal setting work shop, I was feeling stuck and distracted from my business goals. A major breakthrough happened when I realized I don’t even show up for myself like I should. I’ve gained a variety of tools to help me manage my emotions, keep focused on my goals and face challenges.

Caitlin Flynn

By working with Tanya I was able to get unstuck. By working with her I was able to accomplish a lot things I had on my vision board... Working with Tanya was one of the best decisions I made, and it's really setting me up for success this year.

I'm in. Let's Do It.